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Discover Digital Transformation – A free online training programme

Innovate UK BridgeAI is funding an online training course to help businesses and organisations explore digital, data-driven and AI technologies.

The training course is designed with decision-makers in mind, in businesses and organisations of any size in agriculture, creative industries, construction, and transportation. It will help you decide what your organisation needs and put together an action plan for making your business digital ready.

This introductory-level series will explain why and how to implement AI to best benefit your business.

There are five sessions that can be taken individually or as a series. The sessions include:

  • Making data work for you
  •  AI applications in industry
  •  Modelling: A fundamental capability
  • Why digital twins?
  •  Scalable platforms supporting digital transformation
    The 5 sessions are first being run in a weekly series starting Wednesday 24 January 2024. A second series begins on Tuesday 2 April 2024, with a third series commencing Wednesday 18 September 2024.
    The training programme is free and you can register on this page:
January 19, 2024