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We take the security and confidentiality of our clients data seriously. This is a service for clients to securely exchange documents. We never send accounts or tax returns via email, it is simply not secure enough.

  • Upload, store and approve documents online
  • High level security  - only you can view documents
  • Electronic approval of documents. Not need to sign paper copies

A simple but detailed guide to the latest budget delivered by The Chancellor.

Includes the latest tax rates and bands as well as the important changes.

A full guide to the current and previous year's tax rates and allowances.


  • Income tax rates (including Scotland)
  • Personal allowances
  • Child benefit
  • National insurance
  • Pension allowances
  • Investment and ISA incentives
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT 
  • ... and more

The Simply Accounts and Tax App brings a assortment of tax tools to your Apple or Android Phone! It includes a GPS based business mileage logger, which tracks your distance travelled through your handset's GPS capabilities and allows you to email this information to your accountant when you need to as a CSV file.

Monthly newsletter covering important tax and business developments along with useful tax panning ideas.

Archived for the last six months

Our service helps take the stress and escalating costs out of tax investigations, no one is safe from HMRC.

£800 million has been allocated to target tax evasion, in a bid to fill the public finance black hole.

HMRC recuperated £26.6 billion worth of tax last year, with 1,289 of these investigations resulting in prosecutions.

Powerful new software can trace even the smallest discrepancy in spending or earnings, prompting an investigation into individuals and businesses.

What could HMRC discover about you and your business?

57 Ways to Grow Your Business

Bright Ideas for the Serious Entrepreneur

New Business Kit

With this handy reference guide to starting a business, you should be able to successfully handle many of the problems encountered in starting and running a business

Free Books

Do you know what to do if HMRC turn up unannounced?? What are your rights and what can HMRC do? 

Use this 2 page guide. Print it out and have it to hand.

Over the years we have come across many good accountants but also some shocking work from others. So how can you as a customer or client protect yourself from bad service and advice? Bad advice, incorrect accounts or tax returns could end up costing you an unexpected tax bill and investigation.

Make sure you ask and are satisfied with the answers to these questions